11 October 2017

Kali Linux+Wireshark - activar modo wireless sniffer

Primeiro é necessário ajustar o interface de wireless para modo sniffer. Isso é conseguido através do comando airmon-ng



usage: airmon-ng <start|stop> <interface> [channel] or airmon-ng <check|check kill>
  • <start|stop> indicates if you wish to start or stop the interface. (Mandatory)
  • <interface> specifies the interface. (Mandatory)
  • [channel] optionally set the card to a specific channel.
  • <check|check kill> “check” will show any processes that might interfere with the aircrack-ng suite. It is strongly recommended that these processes be eliminated prior to using the aircrack-ng suite. “check kill” will check and kill off processes that might interfere with the aircrack-ng suite. For “check kill” see

airmon-ng check - para ver o estado

airmon-ng check kill - matar processos que tenham impacto com o airmon-ng

airmon-ng start wlan0 - inicia o modo monitor

entrar no wireshark e activar a captura através do interface wlan0mon

terminada a recolha fazer, reactivar o modo rede no interface wlan0:

airmon-ng stop wlan0mon  ou  sudo airmon-ng stop
service network-manager start

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